sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

10 short news

As since I'm here in Guatemala I'm not communicating very well with my friends in MSN/orkut/facebook/blog, I decided to update you will randomly short news.

1-) Yes, I'm alive

2-) Yes, I'm healthy and getting fun

3-) No, my computer still don't communicate with my flashdrive neither with the memory of my camera... so, no pictures in the short time

4-) Yes, life will change in the next months... wait for news in a future post in this blog.

5-) Yes, my university started this week but I'm still in Guatemala

6-) Yes, I'm horrible to asnwer orkut and facebook messages

7-) Yes, I miss my friends...

8-) Yes, an exchange can really change you

9-) Yes, ILC will be great but my job here is chaotic and unpredictable as it would be in any conference... don't worry about it.

10-) Tomorrow I will go to Panajachel and I need to sleep early today.